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  ABORTION. Few words evoke more intense feelings and colliding viewpoints than this word. A presidential candidate's stance on that single matter is enough to sway voters one way or another in an election year and decide the next administration...that is how deep-seated people's views on abortion are. The line in the sand has been drawn and the trenches have been dug, a civil war of ideological views is being fought at this very moment and on many different fronts. This topic is relevant now more than ever. Seems like our courts are always one step closer to being pro-choice or one judge closer to banning abortion clinics. Many women just stand back and hold their breath...wondering when the chips will fall and a new law or a removal of an existing one will hijack their reproductive systems and strip them of control over their own bodies.  Others, filled with "holy" zeal for "God's word", become giddy with anticipation at any glimmer of hope that a cons


- "Hey, do you plan on having children?", asks Jan's co-worker. - "No, I don't intend to", she replies. - "Why not? Don't you like kids?" You'd be surprised how often this scenario plays out for women all across the world. Society expects women to have children, and oftentimes shames them when they don't. Women who choose not to have children are often met with judgement and accusations. In many cultures, women who can't have children are considered of little or no value. Many women who don't want to be mothers get pregnant anyway, as if their self-worth depended on their ability to procreate.  Even though the number of child-less women continues to grow, they still are stigmatized. They still are met with prying and invasive questions...even from well-intentioned people. They face allegations of selfishness and pressure from parents. "Aren't you going to give me a grandchild?" is a common question. Do a google se


Have you ever heard someone say "The good book says we are all God's children", or "God loves everyone"? I have, and I'm sure the majority of you readers have heard that statement in some way, shape, or form. You know what the problem with that is? It's that, well, the bible doesn't say that. NOT AT ALL. It actually teaches that God hates many types of people. And wants them dead. I know that sounds harsh, but it's true.  Before I go on, I want to emphasize a point: When I talk about God, I am specifically referring to "Yahweh", the Hebrew God of the bible. It could very well be that you believe in a completely different type of God. I'm not talking about that God. With that being said, let me be clear about something: The bible teaches that God absolutely does not love everyone. And one thing the bible is very clear about, is it's anti-gay, homophobic message. The bible has made life very hard for those in the LGBTQ community.


YES, IT WAS! IT REALLY WAS! Are you surprised at my answer? Did you expect me to cry and moan over how inappropriate the photo shoot was? Well, sorry to disappoint you. There are many other people doing that for me already. But, as someone who has studied the bible throughout his entire life, I can tell you with certainty that Trump posing with the bible in his hand is very fitting.  You see, the bible and Trump share plenty of similarities...and some of those parts of the bible fit in nicely with Trump like a horse and carriage. Of course, many would disagree with me, but, lets take a look at some of those similarities so you can see my point. Misogyny T rump - A 2005 Access Hollywood has Trump on record saying "...when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything."  Bible - Numbers chapter 31 tells us how Moses, a man "personally chosen" by God, has an axe to grind with the Midianites (inhabitants of Mi


  666: The Mark of The Beast. What comes to mind when you read that? Do you think of the AntiChrist? The Devil? Maybe a good horror movie comes to mind. For some people, that number inspires real terror. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: perhaps nothing else in the bible has caused more intrigue than the number 666.  Throughout the ages, there has been much speculation about the meaning of the number 666, and who or what exactly is the beast. Many think it refers to the AntiChrist. Others believe it's the mark of the devil. Well, I'm here to tell you that it's neither. Actually, what it refers to is something that most of us participate in. An entity that the majority of us would agree is absolutely necessary. Before I tell you what it is, let's take a look at these controversial bible passages.  The New International Bible, in Revelation chapter 13 verses 1 and 2, read like this: "...and I saw a beast coming out of the sea. It had ten horns and seven heads, wi


"It's the end of the world as we know it". "God is about to bring about the Apocalypse". "The coronavirus is proof that we are living in the end times". This is what many religious people and conspiracy theorists are saying about the current covid-19 pandemic. They see it as the fulfilment of bible prophecy unfolding before our eyes, proof that God will soon destroy unfaithful humanity. These statements have plenty of people worried and scared. Does the bible really predict that plagues would point to the end of the world? Actually, it does. Revelation chapter 6 takes place during the "end times" of the world, and it speaks of Jesus unleashing four horsemen upon the Earth, one of them with the power to kill people by sword, famine, plague, and wild beasts. Verse 17 then goes on to say that shortly after those events, the "great day" of Jesus will come, in other words...the Apocalypse. If this was true, and virulent epidemics would b


The bible book of Ruth has been portrayed for centuries as a wonderful story of the love and loyalty that Ruth had for her mother-in-law, Naomi. But, what they don't tell you is that it is also a story of what is commonly known as "sugaring". Sugaring is a practice wherein a "sugar baby" receives financial support and material benefits from a "sugar daddy" in exchange for companionship and, oftentimes, sex. The sugar baby is usually a young woman, and the sugar daddy a well-off older man.  I would like to rename the bible book of Ruth to "Boaz: The Sugar Daddy". Why? Because that is essentially what this section of the bible really is about- a young woman in need receives financial assistance from a rich, older man. In exchange, the wealthy older man gets companionship and sex.  On the surface, the bible book of Ruth tells the story of the unbreakable friendship between Ruth and Naomi. Naomi is a Jewish woman who, because of a famine, leaves


Throughout the bible one can find many passages that are immoral, some more than others. But one of them really takes the cake. And if there was one bible story that could single-handedly dismantle the notion that the bible is a holy book, it would be this one. Even though some Christian apologists have tried to rationalize it, it really is just a desperate attempt to hide what truly is a despicable bible passage.  Before I reveal to you what the worst verse in the bible is, I'm going to give you a little bit of background information on it. Genesis chapter 19 describes how a man named Lot saw two men in the city square. Assuming they were travelers, he told the men to stay at his house, since nightfall was approaching. After some hesitation and a little back and forth, they agreed. Some time later, after the men had dinner and were preparing to go to bed, a mob shows up at Lot's doorstop. They called out to Lot, demanding him to bring out the two men so that they could rape th


"What? Impossible!" You might be saying to yourself after reading the title. You might even be tempted to stop reading this article altogether. And who could blame you? Millions of people for centuries have been taught that Jesus preached a message of love and compassion. But, give this article a chance and let me explain myself. It is true that Jesus taught us valuable lessons of love and compassion. But, along with those lessons, he also taught some truly terrible things. For example, the bible book of Luke, chapter 14 verse 26 reads like this: "If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters...such a person cannot be my disciple". Jesus is saying that if it ever came down to it, we must choose him over our family. We have to "hate" them in the sense that being his follower must take priority over our own family...even our children. One must be ready to reject their own family if it means being a Christi


Over the past few years, concern and awareness regarding animal cruelty has been increasing. We now, more than ever, understand that animals are intelligent and emotional beings, with rich social lives. They are capable of feeling love, care, empathy, joy, pain, fear, distress, and terror, similar to you and me. That is why there has been a growing movement to end animal cruelty.  Animal cruelty has taken on many forms. Whether it be for sport, consumption, or religious ritualistic ceremonies, the theme is the same: complete disregard for the pain and suffering these innocent creatures endure. Any book that purports itself to be a moral guide for humanity should, by all means, condemn the practice of animal cruelty. Instead, in the bible, we find that animal cruelty is glorified. The first instance of animal cruelty that we see in the bible is found in Genesis chapter 4, verse 4. The New International Version reads: "And Abel also brought an offering, fat portions from some of the