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  ABORTION. Few words evoke more intense feelings and colliding viewpoints than this word. A presidential candidate's stance on that single matter is enough to sway voters one way or another in an election year and decide the next administration...that is how deep-seated people's views on abortion are. The line in the sand has been drawn and the trenches have been dug, a civil war of ideological views is being fought at this very moment and on many different fronts. This topic is relevant now more than ever. Seems like our courts are always one step closer to being pro-choice or one judge closer to banning abortion clinics. Many women just stand back and hold their breath...wondering when the chips will fall and a new law or a removal of an existing one will hijack their reproductive systems and strip them of control over their own bodies.  Others, filled with "holy" zeal for "God's word", become giddy with anticipation at any glimmer of hope that a cons


- "Hey, do you plan on having children?", asks Jan's co-worker. - "No, I don't intend to", she replies. - "Why not? Don't you like kids?" You'd be surprised how often this scenario plays out for women all across the world. Society expects women to have children, and oftentimes shames them when they don't. Women who choose not to have children are often met with judgement and accusations. In many cultures, women who can't have children are considered of little or no value. Many women who don't want to be mothers get pregnant anyway, as if their self-worth depended on their ability to procreate.  Even though the number of child-less women continues to grow, they still are stigmatized. They still are met with prying and invasive questions...even from well-intentioned people. They face allegations of selfishness and pressure from parents. "Aren't you going to give me a grandchild?" is a common question. Do a google se


Have you ever heard someone say "The good book says we are all God's children", or "God loves everyone"? I have, and I'm sure the majority of you readers have heard that statement in some way, shape, or form. You know what the problem with that is? It's that, well, the bible doesn't say that. NOT AT ALL. It actually teaches that God hates many types of people. And wants them dead. I know that sounds harsh, but it's true.  Before I go on, I want to emphasize a point: When I talk about God, I am specifically referring to "Yahweh", the Hebrew God of the bible. It could very well be that you believe in a completely different type of God. I'm not talking about that God. With that being said, let me be clear about something: The bible teaches that God absolutely does not love everyone. And one thing the bible is very clear about, is it's anti-gay, homophobic message. The bible has made life very hard for those in the LGBTQ community.